Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Vestry Members

Term Ending January 2020

Mrs. Joyce Bender
Mr. Steve Fleming
Mr. Whit Smith
Dr. Gilman Tracy, Junior Warden   
Dr. Trace Worrell 

Term Ending January 2021  

Ms. Linda Christie
Mrs. Suzy Griffin, Clerk   
Mr. Kyle Mankin
Mrs. Anne Michels
Mr. Scott Rector

Term Ending January 2022

Mr. William Brammer
Mrs. Lucinda Hoad
Mrs. Elizabeth Ming
Mr. Richard Varnell, Treasurer
The Honorable Mollee Westfall, Senior Warden

Delegates and Alternates

Dr. Barbara Evans Chowning, Mrs. Laura Fleming, Mr. William Greenhill, Dr. Cynthia Hill, Mr. Cory Hoad, Dr. Connie Lefler, Dr. Edward Luke, Ms. Lynne Minor, Mrs. Dabney Shires, and Mrs. Sallie Trotter.

Mrs. Lisa Gail Barnes, Mrs. Joanna Bennett, Mrs. Catherine Estrada, Dr. Helen Ferguson, Mrs. Elizabeth Ming, Mrs. Karen Myers, Mrs. Shelly Seymour, Dr. James Shadle, Mr. Ed Townsend, and Mr. Michael Whitman.

Commission and Committee Chairs

Mr. Richard R. Varnell, Treasurer
Mr. Kyle Mankin, Christian Education Commission
Mr. Kyle Mankin, Endowment Board Chair
Mr. Richard Chowning & Mr. Christopher Robinson, Evangelism & Engagement Commission
Dr. Gilman Tracy, Facilities Committee
Mrs. Sallie Trotter, Outreach & Mission Commission
Mrs. Jerra Lewis and Mrs. Stephanie Burk, Parish Life Commission
Mr. Whit Smith, Pastoral Care Commission
Mr. Whit Smith, Stewardship Committee
Mr. John Sessing, Worship Commission
Mr. Sam Juliao, Youth Commission