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All Saints' Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Fort Worth

Office Address:

4936 Dexter Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Phone: 817-732-1424

Mailing Address:

PO Box 100609

Fort Worth, TX 76185

All Saints' offices are located on Dexter Avenue, just north of Camp Bowie Boulevard and west of Hulen Street.

We are currently worshiping each Sunday at our school, All Saints' Episcopal School, 9700 Saints Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76108

Emergency? Call a priest immediately if:

  • you have been involved in an auto accident

  • you are going into the hospital

  • you have a pastoral crisis that cannot wait

  • you know of someone in imminent death

  • your marriage is in trouble

  • your children are in crisis, and

  • for other pastoral emergencies

During regular church hours, call the church at 817-732-1424 and tell the receptionist that you have an emergency and that you need a priest quickly.


After hours, the voice mail at the church has an emergency option. Call the church at 817-732-1424 and follow the voice prompts. You will be given the phone number of the priest on call.


Rector & Staff

The Rev. Christopher N. Jambor



Clive Driskill-Smith WEB.jpg

Clive Driskill-Smith

Organist / Choirmaster


Alma Kleckner.JPG

Alma Kleckner

Bursar/Financial Secretary

Hill 5x7 Color.jpg

The Rev. M. Madeleine Hill

Assisting Priest


Holly Luke

Sunday School Superintendent

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Will Mankin

Director of Communications


The Rev. Lynne M. Waltman

Assisting Priest

Kyle Mankin.jpg

Kyle Mankin

Business Manager / Project Manager


vance halfaker.jpg

Vance Halfaker



Vestry Members

Term Ending January 2023

Dr. Trace Worrell
Dr. Gilman Tracy, Junior Warden
Mrs. Stephanie Burk, Senior Warden
Mrs. Wende Dwyer-Johnsen  
Mr. Steve Fleming

Term Ending January 2024  

Ms. Linda Christie
Mrs. Suzy Griffin, Clerk   
The Hon. Mollee Westfall
Mr. Scott Rector

Mr. Richard Terrell

Term Ending January 2025

Mr. William Brammer

Mr. John Kent
Mrs. Elizabeth Ming

Mrs. Amy Robinson
Mrs. Sallie Trotter

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Delegates and Alternates

Dr. John Burk, Mrs. Barbara Evans Chowning, Mrs. Laura Fleming, Mr. William Greenhill, Dr. Cynthia Hill, Mr. Andrew Johnsen, Dr. Ed Luke, Mrs. Dabney Shires, Mr. Ed Townsend, and Mrs. Sallie Trotter.

Mrs. Lisa Gail Barnes, Mrs. Christy Brammer, Mrs. Melanie Brown, Mrs. Catherine Estrada, Dr. Helen Ferguson, Dr. Connie Lefler, Mrs. Lynne Minor, Mrs. Shelly Seymour, Mrs. Patricia Ward and Mrs. Amy Wright.

Suggestions for nominees 2022

Commission and Committee Chairs

Mr. Richard R. Varnell, Treasurer

Mr. Kyle Mankin, Christian Education Commission

Mr. Greg Westfall, Endowment Board Chair

Mr. Steve Fleming, Evangelism & Engagement Commission

Dr. Gilman Tracy, Facilities Committee

Mrs. Sallie Trotter, Outreach & Mission Commission

Mrs. Jerra Lewis, Parish Life Commission

Mrs. Stephanie Burk, Pastoral Care Commission

Mr. Whit Smith & Mrs. Wende Dwyer-Johnsen, Stewardship Committee

Mr. John Sessing, Worship Commission

Mr. Sam Juliao, Youth Commission



As we carry out the mission of the Church, planning and budgeting are  necessary parts of the process. Our outreach, missions and programs are optimized when your giving is affirmed by a monetary pledge. 


We're delighted that you'd like to become a member of All Saints'

The Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. To join the parish, email Mthr. Hill, Assisting Priest, at or call her at 817.732.1424


From local to national to international - we have a variety of resources available to you. You will also find all member resources here. And If you're looking for prayer assistance, we have resources for that too!