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Fellowship & Guilds

Men's Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for a potluck dinner, over which we discuss and make plans for wide variety of outreach, service, and recreational projects.  Each month a topic of interest is discussed, usually with a speaker with a passion for the subject.  Over the summer, Fellowship members helped to finalize a fence for a family as part of Women In Need, prepared Mother’s Day breakfast for all mothers in the parish, and participated in the church's parish workday.  Men of all ages in the parish are invited to join us each month and to get involved in the Fellowship.

For more information about Men's Fellowship, contact Bill Gerhart at

IMPORTANT: If you are not receiving Men's Fellowship e-mails and would like to be included in the distribution, please contact Bill Gerhart at

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The Episcopal Church Women

The purpose of Episcopal Church Women is to foster community, friendship and faithfulness among the women of All Saints’ Parish. WAS programs include activities of service, education and fellowship.

All women of the Parish are members of Women of All Saints’ and are invited and encouraged to become involved in WAS activities which are announced in the eGazette, Pro O and Sunday bulletin. Steering Committee meetings are open to all women of the parish, and all ideas for activities are welcome.

Young Adults

All Saints’ Young Adults are a group of saints (& sinners) in their 20s & 30s. Together they build the beloved community as advised by St. Paul that supports Christians through the transitions of early adulthood (new jobs, new marriages, sometimes even new babies!) through prayer, fellowship, and service. Like us on Facebook as All Saints’ Young Adults.

Sacred Mamas

Sacred Mamas is a gathering of mothers of children under the age of 18.  Join other mothers of children as we share our triumphs and our failures, the joy our children bring to our lives, and the moments when we feel ready to give up.

St. Anne's Guild

St. Anne's Guild is one of All Saints' oldest guilds. Its primary goal is to support and encourage Christian Education. Through the Library and with fundraisers such as the Christmas Bake Sale, it aims to enable and empower All Saints' parishioners at every stage of their Christian Walk.

Members of the Guild meet on the third Tuesday of each month.


The Gathering

This organization is focused on fellowship and friendship. It invites parishioners of all backgrounds to take part in the events.  Individuals or couples in the group volunteer to host each month’s dinner.


Some events are themed to match the seasons or holidays. Some people choose to host the dinners at their homes and some choose to host dinner at a special location. The host decides a theme, place, date and time. Those who attend share in the cost of the dinner and bring wine. It's a great way to socialize with members of All Saints'

The Episcopal Church in Fort Worth.

For more information on attending, please contact Sallie Trotter at

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