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Easier Ways to Give are Here!


Text ASECFW and AMOUNT to 73256

Donate using your phone!

You may make a text payment for your pledge, as a Thank Offering, or to support our Outreach programs (such as children's feeding ministries).

Here's an example:
To send $50, text ASECFW 50 to 73256

Select Pledge, Thank Offering, or Outreach


Even non-members can give through our member portal.
Simply click give here.

Or, if you are an All Saints' member and have an Omnibus account, log in here to make a contribution.


You can still mail checks to the church (5001 Crestline Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76107) or use your bank’s Bill Pay to have your bank send checks directly to the church.

By PayPal

One-Time Donations

Making and Paying a Pledge

Making a Pledge is really making a promise to God that you will be a participant in God’s mission. With our stewardship campaign this year, we pray that we will increase our number of pledgers in our church by 10%.

Your Participation in the stewardship campaign, along with that of your fellow parishioners, will help this church to feed and clothe, to educate and nurture, to comfort and inspire. It will help fulfill God’s mission by making it possible for our church to serve others.

Making YOUR Pledge: You may pick up a pledge card at church, or print the online pledge card, sign it, and mail it to the church at All Saints' Episcopal Church, 5001 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107-3663, place it in the Sunday offering plate, or you can make your pledge online using our Member Portal,  Omnibus.

Paying Your Pledge: The church accepts cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), and gifts of stock. You can also text your pledge, or use PayPal to pay your pledge.

You can Schedule Your Pledge Payments through our Omnibus Member Portal or have the Business Office run your credit card monthly. If you are making a gift of stock, please contact Mthr. Lynne Waltman at or 817-732-1424 for our broker information.

Through our Omnibus Member Portal, you can make one pledge payment or schedule recurring pledge payments weekly, every two weeks, monthly, twice monthly, or every 3 months. You can use your credit or debit card or, if you prefer to pay by check, you can make payments using the "eCheck" option. For assistance with Omnibus, please contact Mthr. Lynne Waltman at

Endowment - Mustard Seed Society

The All Saints' Dick Bourland Mustard Seed Society is seeking charter members!

Becoming a member of the newly formed Mustard Seed Society allows you to create a legacy of Gracious Giving at All Saints'.  It is as simple as making the Church aware of your intended contributions to the All Saints Endowment Fund.  Your committed contribution to our Endowment fund helps our Church maintain its tradition of excellence and advance mission far into the future. 

Mustard Seed Society Statement of Intention

Additionally you may choose to support an area of interest within the Endowment that’s most important to you:

  • Missions

  • Education

  • Youth

  • Music

  • Capital Projects

In one of his most familiar parables, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed, “which, when sown upon the ground is the smallest of all the seeds of the earth; yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade.”

Just as the tiny mustard seed grows into a large plant, planned gifts such as bequests, life income arrangements, gifts of real property and gifts of other appreciated assets can grow into substantial endowment funds that will nourish and sustain our church ministries, facilities, and missions far into the future. So, Mark your place at All Saints by becoming a Charter Member of the, newly formed, Mustard Seed Society.

Download Form

To let us know of your intention to support All Saints' Endowment, please complete the attached Intention form and mail it to All Saints' Episcopal Church, 5001 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107-3663.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please email Mthr. Waltman at

Dick Bourland Mustard Seed Video

In this moving video memoir, Dick Bourland, our parish's longest continuous member, tells how the seeds of his own faith were sown at a young age by a caring neighbor and a priest.

Likewise, today's All Saints' Episcopal Church and Episcopal School grew from small seeds planted in faith decades ago.

Many thanks to Greg Beck of Two Trees Productions for producing this video for the church.

The Mustard Seed Society: Dick Bourland

The Mustard Seed Society: Dick Bourland

Play Video
Memorial Contributions

Memorial Contributions

All Saints' Memorial Funds provide opportunities for people to make contributions to the Church in memory of a departed loved one. Unlike operating monies used to pay salaries and utilities, Memorial Funds are spent on making the Church more beautiful and enhancing worship.

Examples of existing memorials in use are chalices, vestments, needlepoint kneelers, and, in special circumstances, entire rooms or buildings on Church Property (e.g., DeWolfe Hall, The Clements-Haddaway House).


Like all gifts, it is tax deductible, and will be used in Service of Our Lord. Memorial contributions are used at the discretion of the Rector. Acknowledgements are always sent to family members of the deceased noting that a gift was given, and by whom. (The amount of gift is never mentioned.)

All The Ways You Can Donate


All Saints' Episcopal Church

5001 Crestline Road

Fort Worth, TX 76107-3663

Make Checks Payable to "All Saints' Episcopal Church"




All Saints' Secure Online Giving »


All Saints' accepts cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), and gifts of stock - contact us for more information, if needed.

Benevolent Funds

A benevolent fund is a fund from which the staff can accomplish ministries not otherwise covered by All Saints' Operating Budget. Clergy often use these funds for grants to people in need, emergency assistance, and special ministries that would not otherwise be able to be performed.


Contributions to such funds make the ministers (Lay and Ordained) who use them more effective in ministry in any number of different ways. Like all gifts, it is tax deductible, and will be used in Service of Our Lord.

End of Year Contributions

End of Year Contributions

Pledges & Contributions: According to IRS regulations, if you wish to have credit in 2019 for your pledge payments and other contributions, you must get your check to the Business Office by December 31 or in the mail early enough so that it is post-marked by December 31, 2019. For tax purposes, contributions received in 2019 must be credited to 2019. Likewise, contributions made in 2020 will be credited to 2020.

Pre-payment of 2020 pledges: If you would like to pay your 2020 pledge in 2019, be sure to write 2020 PLEDGE on the memo line of your check and get it to the Business Office by Dec. 31.

Credit Card Payments: You may make donations via credit card by echeck through our Omnibus member site, or contact Mthr. Lynne Waltman at in the Business Office by December 20 to make your pledge payment by credit card, current or prepaid in 2019. We accept Discover, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Gifts of Stock: If you would like to make a gift of stock to the church before year end, please keep in mind that such transactions can take several days to execute. Please notify Mthr. Lynne Waltman of your intention to make a gift of stock and she will give you the information you need to give your broker.


Please call the Business Office if you have any questions at email Mthr. Lynne Waltman at


Need more information? Looking for a Staff Contact number/email? Do you need a priest immediately?


Let us know how we can help today!


We're delighted that you'd like to become a member of All Saints' Episcopal Church. To join the parish, email Mthr. Melanie Barbarito, Assisting Priest at or call her at 817.732.1424


From local to national to international - we have a variety of resources available to you. You will also find all member resources here. And If you're looking for prayer assistance, we have resources for that too!

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