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Welcome to All Saints' Episcopal Church!

All Saints' is a community that welcomes you warmly,

strengthens your faith and invites you to a deeper relationship with Our Lord.

All worship services are online, for now.

The daily Eucharist Monday through Saturday is cancelled for the time being.  Our chapel will continue to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for anyone who desires to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. 


We aren’t certain how long this will be necessary.  As you know, the situation is very fluid from hour to hour. Until further notice, gatherings at the church will be canceled.


Keep praying and keep washing your hands.  For those whom you know who are most at risk, reach out to them to see what they might need to keep them safe.



Fr. Jambor


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Holy Communion via Drive-Thru, 10-10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 24.

The Church has a very long history of providing Holy Communion to members who have been referred to as "shut-ins". All Saints' now effectively has hundreds of shut-ins who also happen to be able to drive. On Sunday, May 24, we will offer Holy Communion in drive-thru fashion from 10:00 a.m. to about 10:30 a.m.

On Sunday, May 31, as we enter the warmer summer months, the time for Holy Communion will change to 9:30 a.m. to about 10:00 a.m.

Weather permitting, there will be a station for distribution of Communion at the west door of the church building in the circular drive. If you happen to see a line of cars, please circle around the block so as to join the end of the line. Please be careful!

The clergy, who are masked and gloved, will administer the consecrated hosts having, of course, carefully washed their hands ahead of time. As usual, there will be one host per person in the car. However, we will distribute each family's hosts to the person seated in the passenger side who can then distribute the hosts to all the car's occupants. If you want or need to take Communion to someone not in the car, then simply defer eating your Bread until you see that person. Then break your Bread in half and give it to him or her and yourself.

Please, please, remain in your vehicle to maintain the required social distancing. We are not to encourage gatherings as you know, so if a lot of you get out and schmooze, we will likely will not be able to continue this way of administering Communion.

When will All Saints' be open again?

Here is the latest update. May 21, 2020 Dear All Saints' Parishioners,
When are we going to “have church again?”
By that, we mean “When can we gather in the church building to worship once again?” The short answer is, I don’t know. Beyond that, I don’t know when we are going to know.
However, here are some things we do know.
• We won’t open until it is deemed safe to do so by public health authorities and our bishop.
• It is not safe yet. Nor has our bishop given his permission or issued his guidelines for in-person, in-building worship.
• We will follow the recommendations and limitations of our public health authorities and our bishop as they change from time to time.
• We are working, as a parish and as a diocese, on what parochial life in the face of this pandemic might look like. This includes examining and, when indicated, revising how we do absolutely everything as a parish. As it has become apparent, we are ordering supplies, equipment, new hardware. We are working out how we will do Sunday Holy Eucharist and distributing Holy Communion from top to bottom. We are hammering out new procedures, new policies, new ministry descriptions across the board. We are starting with Worship and Safety and moving on to Christian Education, Pastoral Care, Outreach, and eventually every aspect of our parish’s life. Clearly, this work will take time and can not be rushed.
• We are looking at what we need to put into place to safely bring our staff back into the church building and then to safely open the building to visitors and volunteers.
• We will not go back to the way things were anytime soon. My sense is that we will be doing things differently for 12 to 24 months and likely well beyond that.
Although the building is locked, and we can not gather to worship in our beloved building, we are still “having church”. We are still being church. We are working hard and creatively to bring all the elements of this marvelous parish, All Saints' Episcopal Church, back together and back on mission full-stride.
As I have said before, All Saints’ is a small church with a big mission. We know who we are. We know what we are about. We are now challenged not by redefining those things, but reexamining how it is that we do them.
I don’t like being apart, and you don’t either. But now even more than ever is the time get serious and intentional about “loving thy neighbor.” And for the time being, loving you and loving each other means being apart… apart yet connected… until we can safely gather again.
Keep saying your prayers (now we pray together on our twice daily podcast accessed from our website, Keep reaching out to those you know, especially those most in need. Have patience.
All blessings to you and yours. Fr. Jambor


As a diverse but traditional parish of over sixteen hundred members, we think you'll find in All Saints' a community that welcomes you warmly, strengthens your faith, invites you to a deeper relationship with Our Lord, and challenges you to spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

Sunday Worship Schedule




Holy Eucharist (Rite I)

Choral Eucharist (Rite II)

Nursery Provided

Sunday School: Children and Youth Age 3 - Grade 12

Adult Forum


Choral Eucharist (Rite I)

Nursery Provided


Holy Eucharist with Healing Service (Rite I)

Weekday Schedule





Holy Eucharist - Monday through Friday

Morning Prayer -

Monday and Friday in the Chapel of the Annunciation 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Gray House Chapel (4936 Dexter Ave.)

Holy Eucharist - Saturday

Evening Prayer - Monday through Friday

Evensong - Wednesday


All Saints’ nursery is professionally staffed by caring individuals certified in CPR and child care. We provide excellent child care during Worship Services and for other regular and special events through the year. 


As a diverse but traditional parish of over sixteen hundred members, we think you'll find in All Saints' a community that welcomes you warmly, strengthens your faith, invites you to a deeper relationship with Our Lord, and challenges you to spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.


All Saints’ parish accepts the call to be a community which enthusiastically celebrates, lives and proclaims by word and example the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


All Saints’ Episcopal Church has been serving west Fort Worth for more than 50 years. The church was started as a mission on June 16, 1946 and was elevated to a Parish church two years later. 


All Saints' parish has developed a wide variety of ministries in the areas of education, service, fellowship and support. We invite you to explore our ministries and find a place you'd like to get involved and serve!

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If you cannot get involved in person our outreach, missions and programs are optimized when your giving is affirmed by a monetary pledge. 

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All Saints' Episcopal Church
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All Saints' is located on Crestline Road, just north of Camp Bowie Boulevard and west of Hulen Street.

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